Terms and Conditions

  1. We will do our utmost to care for your pet whilst it is in our care. Our equipment is technically advanced and we always use dog specific products. We would like feedback on our service to you and ask that you discuss the grooming session before and after completion with us.
  1. Hot Dog groomers all love animals and have years of experience and City & Guilds qualifications with animals including their care and training. Hot Dogs reserve the right to refuse to groom aggressive or difficult dogs with behavioural problems. The dog owner must agree to inform us if their dog is known to be aggressive or has ever bitten anyone. The owner understands that they will be legally liable for the consequences of all bites caused by their dog.
  2. Dog examinations. We will examine your dog for any lumps or bumps during the grooming session. If anything untoward is discovered our groomer will notify you but it will then be necessary for you to consult your vet as Hot dogs groomers are not medical professionals.
  3. Our insurance. At all times we have full Public liability Insurance in the event of damage, accident or loss to your pet or our staff. Please ask Hot dogs for more details if necessary.
  4. Removal of matted fur or hair on your dog may result in us having to clip close to the dog's skin. This can in some cases cause skin irritation or skin nicks from the close shaving. You need to agree that Hot dogs will not be held responsible for any affect that this has after the grooming session is complete. Badly neglected coats can be especially prone to this. The owner of the dog agrees to pay all costs for the grooming of the dog, including de-matting which is an extra cost, whether or not the groomer is able to complete the job.
  5. Cancellation or Missed appointments may incur a fee due to loss of time and travelling costs to your property. A minimum of 24 Hours notice is required to cancel any appointment.