Dog Grooming courses at "Hot Dogs"

Ever found yourself wondering how good a pooch might look with a new haircut? If the thought of styling our four legged friends excites you then look no further than a course in dog grooming. Dog grooming is an industry that has grown incredibly over the last few years and you could be the one creating the latest looks or just providing a good groom and clean to our best friends.

You will need
First and foremost you will of course need to have passion for dogs as you will likely be spending the majority of your day interacting with canines rather than human beings. Going hand in hand (or paw in paw!) with this you will need to have a firm yet gentle manner with dogs, be they big or small, calm or excitable. Owners will be putting their pets in your care and you must be prepared to deal with a stroppy pooch twice your size that will not take as kindly to a wash and blow dry as their owner will – to be a great dog groomer you will need patience and be confident in relaxing these nervous clients.
What will you learn?
Dog grooming is a fast growing industry as many owners are willing to spend more and more on having their dog looking the business. Dog grooming courses will train you in the most typical treatments that a groomer will offer including; washing, trimming/styling, conditioning and blow-drying dog’s coats, and clipping their nails.
So if you're a new starter, looking for some basic experience or a dog breeder or owner that wants to improve their skills we have a range of courses available.

We won't tie you down to 30 day City & Guilds course - we provide 'on the job' training and you control the amount of days you wish to train on. So if you're a Shihtzu owner that requires to do 3 or 4 days just grooming your breed of dog we can train you on your preferred breed. You have total control of your training days and requirements.
Help & advice
We will obviously help and offer advice in finding employment and where to purchase your grooming equipment.

Our training courses are carried out by a fully experienced and qualified City & Guilds groomer, with our daily rate for training starting at £75.00 per day

Why not book in for a trial day - let us examine your style and skill levels and we can recommend how many days you may require but remembering you're in total control of the amount of your training days.
Please call or email your requirements and to check course availability